How to Hang Art: Professional Devices You Need to Know

Art Hanging

Art hanging is an art in itself. A professional art hanger not only has the necessary technical skills, but also knows the characteristics of different wall types, the maximum weights the hooks can hold, and ways to protect the artwork from accidental physical damage. In this blog post, we take a look at art hanging devices that can be used both in galleries/museums and at home.

How to Hang Art: Professional Devices You Need to Know

Art Hanging Devices 


A D-ring is a metal ring in the shape of the letter D, which is attached to the side rails of the rear of a frame. D-rings are hung on J-hooks installed in the wall. This hanging method is good for drywall or plaster walls. 

Mending plate 

A mending plate is a metal plate with two holes. It is attached to the frame with one screw and to the wall with the other. Museums often use mending plates to keep visitors from moving artwork and provide extra protection in the event of an earthquake.


Wooden or steel cleats can be used to hang oil paintings or large mirrors that weigh over 70 pounds. One cleat is drilled into a wall stud, while the other is attached to the back of the frame. For heavy objects of 500 to 1,000 pounds, multiple cleats are the safest option. A great thing about them is that they work with any stud, making them perfect for homes. 

Hanging rail 

The big advantage of hanging rails is that you can change the display without having to drill additional holes. They are used both in museums and in private homes because they are safe and can be adapted for different types of displays and a different number of artworks, whether it is the classic salon style with several artworks or a single painting.

Ceiling systems 

It is also possible to hang pictures on cables suspended from the ceiling. This method, however, is recommended for only light to medium-weight pieces. Such a display creates a three-dimensional effect and presents art in an unconventional way, adding visual effects like shadows to it. 

Professional art hanging services

Why Professional Art Hanging Matters

Putting the hanging of artwork in the hands of professionals has several advantages:

  • You do not have to spend hours researching what types of hanging devices you need and hunting for them in stores.
  • You have a guarantee that the artwork will be safe as long as it is in the space where it is installed.
  • You can be sure that the walls of your room will not be defaced or damaged.

Fine Art Shippers provides professional art installation services to art institutions and private clients alike. Our team of highly skilled art hangers has the necessary equipment for any type of space or wall. 

If you are considering installing or reinstalling art, we are happy to provide free consultation on the best solutions for your specific artwork.