How to Find the Value of Artwork: 4 Steps for Successful Evaluation

How to Find the Value of Artwork: 4 Steps for Successful Evaluation

Almost every person dreams of finding a high-dollar painting in a dusty attic. Such dreams, however, have little to do with reality. In fact, the chances that you find an original painting or at least an authentic print at home are very low. It doesn’t, though, mean that it is impossible. In such a situation, you need to know how to find the value of artwork since it is hard to establish fixed values for art and collectibles. Below you will see the list of four steps that will help you find out your artwork worth.

How to Find the Value of Artwork?

1. Look at the condition

When it comes to a value, the condition is usually the main deal-breaker. Before you show your artwork to professional appraisers, you need to analyze the damage caused to an item. If it is too shabby, you might need restoration & conservation services in the future.

2. Find out the artist’s name

The majority of paintings are signed by their original creators. If you have a signature on your piece, you need to check the artist and his other works to make sure that you are dealing with an original work of art. That’s how to find the value of artwork without spending too much time on the research. At the same time, only experts can tell the difference between original artworks and well-copied replicas.

3. Try to authenticate it

Once you have gathered some information, you can try to authenticate your art. Thus, you will make sure that it pays to spend time and money for official authentication & appraisal services.

4. Turn to professional appraisers

Professional appraisers know how to find the value of artwork by using science and big data. With their help, you can eventually place value on your art.

If it turns out that you own an original piece of art, then you may consider yourself lucky. The next step would be to sell your artwork for some decent money.