How Should I Pack My Clock for Shipping?

Do you sell clocks that require you to ship them? Or, do you want to ship clocks as a gift to your friends and family? Whatever the reasons for fine art or any other type of shipping, the principles that regulate secure packaging of clocks remain the same across the board. That is why this post will share out tips that will enable you to package your clocks safely ready for shipping.

Secure its Hands

The first thing you need to consider when packaging your clocks for shipping is the security of their hands. The reason is that these little components form the heart of the clock because if they cannot function, then the clock remains another wall decoration. Therefore, use Styrofoam blocks to secure these essential components.

Remove the Pendulum and Key

Another factor to pay attention to when preparing to ship clocks is removing their pendulums. It is needful for remove all the pendulums for the clocks before handing them over for air or sea transporting and pack them separately in the shipping box. The reason why this stage is critical is that a floating pendulum will damage the entire clock’s movement mechanism. Additionally, use a strong elastic band around the clock, and in particular, if its bezel around the dial is loose or it has a loose-fitting.

Use an Appropriate Box

The security of your clocks during the shipping process depends on the kind of box you use to package them. So, use the correct size of the box with enough capacity to hold the clock safely up to its destination. Also, ensure that the box is large enough to accommodate the clock and the necessary packaging materials.

Secure Wrapping and Lining

Additionally, use enough wrapping and lining during the packaging process. Therefore, use plenty of bubble wrap and secure it with take or an elastic band if possible.

Boxing the Clock

Box your clock securely after wrapping it. Place the packet carrying the key and pendulum in the box and cover the rest of it with bubble wrap. It is safe to place a note on the bubble wrap indicating that you have packed the key and pendulum separately. If you are selling the clocks, insert any user instructions your customers may need.

 Label the Clock

Lastly, label the package as fragile and address it appropriately.

With these insights, you are better placed to ship clocks securely. We hope you are now better placed to do the right thing next time you package clocks.