Sustainable Art Shipping: Time to Act 

Sustainable Art Shipping

Transportation is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore the responsibility of every shipper to think about sustainable solutions that can reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.  Fine Art Shippers has always paid special attention to environmentally friendly practices and has considerable experience in sustainable packaging and shipping. In this blog post, we would like to share some insights that will be useful to both our environmentally conscious clients and other companies in the shipping industry.

Sustainable Art Shipping: Time to Act 

Practical Ways to Ship Art Sustainably

When it comes to packaging and shipping art, there are some things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. 

Try to use recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible.

These include kraft paper, natural wood, degradable bubble wrap, and glassine. 

Consider cyclical packaging solutions.

If the items being shipped will be returned (for example, after a museum or gallery exhibit), cyclical solutions are a good option. There are suppliers on the market, such as Rokbox or Kvatt, that specialize in such packaging. Not only is this packaging reusable, but it is also lighter, so it has a lower carbon footprint.

Ship several objects at a time whenever possible. 

For a variety of reasons, from exhibition deadlines to logistics chain disruptions, some customers prefer to ship pieces individually. Not only is this unsustainable, but it is also significantly more expensive. Multiple artworks shipped together require less packaging material and create fewer emissions. So if you plan and optimize your operations, you can do something good for both the environment and your budget. 

Choose your mode of transportation wisely.

When shipping across the country, land transportation is the most eco-friendly way to go, as vehicles produce far fewer pollutants. In this respect, Fine Art Shippers stands out from many other art shipping service providers. We have a network of art shuttles specifically designed to transport art and antiques long distances. Our shuttles cover the entire United States, running from the East Coast to the West Coast and from North to South.

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more about interstate art shuttles.

Raising Awareness: Toward a Sustainable Future

Fine Art Shippers follows the latest developments in environmentally friendly practices. If you would like to suggest new sustainable packaging solutions, don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts and ideas. And if you know someone who could benefit from this newsletter, please feel free to forward it to them to share information. Climate change is our common challenge, and working together is the best we can do.