How Do You Know If the Painting Storage Is Trustworthy Enough?

How Do You Know If the Painting Storage Is Trustworthy Enough

There are many companies in New York and other major US cities that offer painting storage services. But how do you know which company to contact if you have never dealt with this service before? Especially for this occasion, we have compiled five qualities that distinguish a good art storage facility to which you can entrust your precious possessions. 

Five Signs of a Good Painting Storage Facility

1. It is equipped with a comprehensive climate control system

The safety of objects, especially Old Master paintings, depends directly on the temperature and humidity conditions maintained in the storage facility. A good art storage facility will have high-quality, state-of-the-art systems similar to those used in museum depositories.

2. It has a fire suppression and alarm systems

To protect paintings from the risk of fire, art storage should be equipped with fire suppression systems, fire alarms, or other effective measures that react to smoke.

3. Access to storage is strictly controlled

To prevent theft or damage to stored valuables, only a small circle of company employees should have access to the facility, and the owners of the items can move around the warehouse only when accompanied by employees. In addition, the facilities should be monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras.

4. Employees are professional art handlers

Even well-packaged items require careful handling, and this applies, of course, to works of art that arrive at the storage facility without proper packaging for long-term storage. Therefore, it is very important that the staff at the storage is able to handle art items professionally and has in-depth knowledge of art packing and crating. For each type of item, they should work out an individual solution that best serves the idea of protecting the item from damage during storage.

5. The staff regularly monitors the artwork’s condition

Regular monitoring of the storage environment and frequent inspections of the stored artwork are critical to identifying any signs of damage or potential problems early on.

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