How Do Celebrities Move Their Stuff?

How Do Celebrities Move Their Stuff

Being famous and rich may sound glamorous, but it is not always as good as it seems. While you don’t need to worry about the money and can easily afford to buy a luxury house and an exclusive car, you are likely to face certain challenges that ordinary people are unaware of. For example, have you ever thought about how celebrities move? Not only do they need to relocate their endless possessions, but they also need to keep their move out of the public eye. There are actually many obstacles that rich and famous people encounter when moving to another home. However, with a bit of patience and the professional help of a reliable white glove moving company, celebrities move comfortably and relaxed.

How Celebrities Move Their Stuff

Specialized white glove moving services

Obviously, the rich and famous will never hire just any moving company to relocate their stuff. They opt for the trustworthy white glove moving services provided by reputable companies with extensive experience in catering to celebrities and wealthy people. Specialized movers know how to handle such a move while keeping it a complete secret. In most cases, they additionally sign a non-disclosure agreement that provides their clients with more comfort.

Unwanted attention & paparazzi

One of the most common challenges faced by the rich and famous is keeping their move out of the public eye. There are always people who want to look inside the celebrity’s home and the paparazzi trying to take unauthorized pictures. For this reason, moving companies often organize the entire moving process late at night or very early in the morning and use escape routes and decoy moving vans.

Moving large collections of art

Many celebs are dedicated art collectors, which entails another moving challenge. To relocate a large collection of valuable paintings, an outdoor art installation, or a whole sculpture park requires a specific set of skills and a sense of detail. Professional fine art movers carefully plan this delicate process, from making an inventory of art objects to selecting appropriate packing materials to moving the collection to its new home.

Moving antique furniture and chandeliers

Another task to complete is moving antique furniture and expensive chandeliers. Moving large, heavy, and fragile items like those is never easy, but this task becomes even more complicated when it comes to moving them from the celebrity’s home. White glove movers specializing in serving the rich and famous try to do it as quickly and safely as possible, but to keep the move entirely out of the public eye is sometimes simply impossible. Thereby, larger items are usually moved last of all.

These were only some of the challenges faced by celebrities when they are moving to another home. However, unlike most ordinary people, the rich and famous can outsource these unwanted tasks to others and focus on much more interesting events in their lives. Luckily, there are companies that can handle this job for them efficiently.