Golden Rules of Shipping Antique Furniture of the Sheraton Period

Golden Rules of Shipping Antique Furniture of the Sheraton Period

Antique furniture of the Sheraton period dates back to the end of the 18th – the first quarter of the 19th century. Named after the famous English furniture designer and teacher Thomas Sheraton, the pieces of such style are quite rare nowadays and hence are valued all across the world. Their antique status and long history make them an especially fragile and precious freight for movers. The task of shipping antique furniture should be entrusted to professionals with plenty of experience in both furniture and antique transportation. In good hands, the safety and integrity of the objects are guaranteed as long as handlers follow the following golden rules.

Shipping Antique Furniture of the Sheraton Period

Thin legs and a heavy rectilinear body make shipping antique furniture a daunting challenge for those who need to pack and carry it. That’s why the preference is given to premium-quality packing materials, top-notch moving equipment, and experienced white glove services. All the golden rules revolve around these three essential concepts.Golden Rules of Shipping Antique Furniture of the Sheraton Period

We are not tired of repeating how important high-quality materials are for any type of valuable. Once you clean a piece, you will need heavy-duty and water-resistant blankets, glassine paper, furniture pads, straps, corner protectors, tape, and other supplies. Together, such an inventory allows you to protect delicate objects and take care of their damaged or particularly flimsy parts.

Moving dollies are the most popular type of moving equipment. They are indispensable for shipping antique furniture of the Sheraton period as well. When it comes to heavy odd-shaped items, it’s easier and safer to move them with dollies rather than break your break and try to balance a century-old sofa or table on your way to a truck.

White glove moving company is the type of service provider you need for shipping antique furniture of the Sheraton period. That’s the level of expertise you require for old pieces full of squeaking sounds. Fine Art Shippers has a good reputation among antique furniture collectors, so by choosing us, you make the right call.

A Brief Historical Note

Meticulous lightness and elegant appearance are the main attributes of Sheraton period design, especially when you compare it to Chippendale and Queen Anne styles. Thomas Sheraton was a cabinetmaker by trade and drew his ideas from the Neoclassical approach, which was popular at that time. Simple geometry, thinner shape, and preference for rectilinear forms are characteristics directly inspired by French Neoclassical furniture design. If you are curious about the topic, you might want to read Sheraton’s four-volume series, “The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing-Book,” which attracted the world’s attention to his ideas.