Green Sakthi: An Organization Combating Climate Change in India

Green Sakthi An Organization Combating Climate Change in India

As an art logistics company, Fine Art Shippers is passionate about implementing sustainable business practices and supporting initiatives that combat climate change. Today, we want to tell you about Green Sakthi, an organization based in South India, which has set an admirable goal of creating food forests in Tamil Nadu.

Green Sakthi: An Organization Combating Climate Change in India

Vellore, a city in Tamil Nadu state, is home to many cultural sights and ancient traditions. It used to be overgrown with various types of vegetation, all of which were, unfortunately, cut down and remained unrestored for years. The good news is that deforestation due to climate change, which is a major issue in India, is being slowly resolved with the help of organizations like Green Sakthi.

Green Sakthi was established in 1996 in a rural area of Tamil Nadu, South India. Since then, the organization has turned the dry and untended land into a thriving green place full of indigenous trees. Green Sakhti has also created new job opportunities for people by making the former wasteland a promising area for farming. All of this greatly contributed to the living conditions of the area residents and improved the state of the local economy.

Today, Green Sakthi is determined to create food forests, systems that mimic the native ecosystem, which makes them non-invasive and low-maintenance. Green Sakthi uses a version of this practice adapted to the South Indian climate by Mr. Raju, who pioneered the five-layer farming system. This project aims to promote land regeneration and provide opportunities for farmers to learn a new way of cultivating the land.

Food forests can be a revolutionary solution for the local community. Not only will they improve the condition of the soil, water retention, and biodiversity, but they will also decrease food insecurity and provide a new source of income for farmers. Green Sakthi plans to grow various types of organic fruits and vegetables in their food forests and use them to feed around 5,000 people every day for free.

Green Sakthi is actively changing the world one tree at a time. It works closely with the local communities and provides them with education and career opportunities. However, reviving the land and saving nature from the effects of climate change require a lot of resources. Fine Art Shippers has already donated to this amazing cause, and so can you. We are glad to be able to support Green Sakthi’s mission and spread awareness about its important projects.