Get These Facts Right Before Buying That Shipping Crate

Sights can be deceiving; things may appear to be the same from the outside until you look at them closely and keenly. After establishing where to buy shipping crates for your fine art, it is necessary to get all the facts correctly before settling for a given shipping crate. Reason? Not all the things that look alike are made equal. The remaining sections of our discussion will enable you to know how best to buy these special containers based on facts and not just good looks.

See the Crates

Regarding buying shipping crates, the adage that goes that seeing is believing applies equally. You should make efforts to see the kind of shipping crates you want to use for transporting your precious artworks. If you cannot see the real ones, it is necessary to request the photos of the ones the seller will ship to you.

Build Quality

To enjoy better crating for your artwork, you should factor in the quality of the crate on offer. You need an eagle’s eye to read through the details of its assembly when you are where to buy shipping crates.

Lumber Grade

If you live within the USA, you should know the standards that grade all timber based on its quality and appearance. These standards take many factors into account such as how many defects the timber has such as cracks or twists. This way, it becomes easy to know its strength its usefulness, and monetary value. Therefore, take this factor seriously to enjoy value for your money.

Fastener Capacity

Even if the manufacturer used the best timber quality to assemble the crate, it will not benefit you much if the fastening is shoddy. Therefore, it is necessary to ask about the type and quality of fastening materials that constructed the crate.

Handled Safety

Lastly, look into the ability to handle the shipping crate safely before committing your money to it. For instance, make sure that the crate has no screws or nails that can injure the handlers of your artwork. Therefore, ensure that the manufacturer clinched all the nails to keep you and the shipper’s staff safe.

So, now you are up to date with the facts you need to know and consider when buying a shipping crate. Next time you go shopping, we believe you will apply them to choose better.