From Studio to Gallery: The Art of Shipping Artwork with Care

From Studio to Gallery The Art of Shipping Artwork with Care

Artists often engage in shipping artwork after they finalize their paintings or sculptures and need to have them delivered to an exhibiting gallery safely. That’s why choosing a provider of professional art shipping services is key to preserving your creative products in their original condition. Here are some vital guidelines for choosing such a service provider.

The Principles of Shipping Artwork Safely and Professionally

A qualified, experienced company specializing in shipping artwork should employ the following quality standards in its operations.

Safe and Properly Selected Packaging

Secure wrapping of artwork into acid-free glassine paper or archival tissue paper, art plastic, and bubble wrap is sometimes all you need to ensure the safe transportation of your precious artwork. This rule applies to shipping with specialized fine art transportation services like Fine Art Shippers, as our art shuttles are properly equipped for the safe handling of art objects in soft packaging.

Temperature or Climate Control During Transportation

Art objects are extremely vulnerable to fluctuations in environmental conditions, so they should be kept in a strictly controlled environment during transit. There should be no excessive humidity, temperature changes, or direct exposure to sunlight at any stage of the transit.

Correct Labeling and Documentation

Artists who send compound works to galleries and don’t travel to accompany their artwork at installation should label all constituents and supply a detailed assembly and installation guide with proper handling instructions. Some galleries also require a certificate of authenticity and a document verifying the art object’s condition upon arrival at the gallery so that the institution holds responsibility only for the damage or exposure an art object may endure in that location.


Insurance is a recommended extra layer of protection for your precious artwork, especially given that it will be stored in a third-party location you won’t be able to check. Besides, insurance coverage can protect the item during transportation and cover your financial interests in case of any accidental damage in transit.

Professional Timing and Communication

A professional provider of shipping services for fine art objects should be diligent and precise in the timing of the entire procedure. It means that art handlers should arrive on time, perform the full packaging procedure, and ship the item to your chosen gallery within the negotiated time frame.

Fine Art Shippers has been dealing with shipping artwork for almost three decades. Thus, we check all the boxes on the checklist given above and can deliver a flawless service to artists, art dealers, and galleries. Careful handling of your art objects is our duty, and we always comply with industry standards when dealing with your fragile, precious belongings.