What Is an Art Handler? Definition, Tasks & Skills

What Is an Art Handler

When it comes to the transportation of art from one place to another, it is important to take care of every step of the process. Who can ensure that the art piece is delivered intact? Who is responsible for packing and unpacking art objects? You can entrust all these tasks to a professional art handler. But what is an art handler, and what do they do?

Who may need an art handler?

Art handlers are often hired by museums, galleries, artists, and art business professionals. The list of their duties is extensive because art handlers are responsible for almost everything related to the transportation of art.

What is an art handler, and what do they do?

Packing. Art handlers are responsible for packing works of art, antiques, and other objects of value. They must carefully pack the item using the right art packing materials to protect it from damage during transit. Some objects may require special boxes or custom crates that art handlers can make on-site.

Unpacking. When items arrive at the destination, art handlers must carefully unpack them, paying close attention to how they were originally packed and placed in the container. They also load and unload the items and assemble them upon delivery if required.

Transportation. Art handlers should check that crates and packages are properly secured in a truck to prevent any movement during transport. Besides, they can act as art couriers accompanying the artwork during transportation. Art handlers may also be responsible for preparing shipping documentation.

Preparation of art objects for display. Art handlers often work with the exhibition team to prepare the space for the art presentation. They install artworks in the exhibition halls and deinstall them after the show.

What knowledge should an art handler have?

What is an art handler, and what should they know about art? An art handler must have a solid knowledge of how to handle artworks efficiently and safely. They must know different art media and how those materials may react with various packaging supplies. Besides, art handlers must have a good understanding of logistics and problem-solving skills.

Hopefully, now you better understand the art handling job and can easily answer the question, “what is an art handler?” This will help you choose the right solution when the need to transport your art arises.