Frenkel & Company: International Insurance Brokers in NYC

You don’t have to be a serious art collector to understand that you need separate insurance for artwork. After all, antique furniture, rare porcelain vases, paintings, and other art pieces require special attention when it comes to the financial protection of your property. This is especially important if you are planning to move or ship such items to another location. The good news is that professional art logistics companies take care of this important step of the art transportation process, offering separate insurance for artwork of any type. At Fine Art Shippers, we also provide our clients with art insurance services that include a variety of options, from coverage for items in transit to complete worldwide protection. However, you can certainly choose any insurance company you like. For example, Frenkel & Company is always a good choice for any art insurance needs.

Frenkel & Company

Established in 1878 by Emil Frenkel, Frenkel & Company is an independent insurance brokerage company with offices in New York City, Jersey City, Los Angeles, and Boston. Employing highly knowledgeable and responsible insurance experts who are well-versed in global insurance trends, Frenkel & Company offers an impressive range of services to meet the need of any client, from medical professionals and corporations to business owners and individuals. Besides, Frenkel & Company also has a division entirely dedicated to fine art and jewelry coverage, with many attractive options for personal collections, artists, exhibitions, and galleries. In other words, whatever insurance for artwork you need, Frenkel & Company can become the solution you are looking for!