Freight Shipping and International Art Courier Services

What does it mean to be professional shippers of fine art? The truth is that while artwork shipping experience, knowledge, and skills are undoubtedly very important, there is one more thing that makes professional art shippers stand out from regular shipping and crating companies. We are now talking about the ability to handle, pack, and ship artwork of any size, weight, and shape. The same applies to the company’s ability to move art exhibitions and deliver large collections of art to any destination worldwide. At Fine Art Shippers, we offer all these and many other freight shipping and international art courier services of the highest quality. Moreover, we provide all our services at very competitive prices, making them accessible to everyone.

Our freight shipping and international art courier services include a variety of options to meet any need. For example, Fine Art Shippers is an ideal choice for art dealers, artists, and collectors looking for the safest way to ship their precious possessions to another city or country. Our team has more than 20 years of experience moving and shipping various collections of valuable art, and we can handle any task, no matter how challenging it is. Along with that, Fine Art Shippers is also an excellent choice for families who need to ship a single painting, as well as for auction buyers wishing to get their new acquisitions home as quickly as possible. No job is too small or too big for our dedicated team of art shippers, so feel free to contact us each time you need professional freight shipping and international art courier services at a reasonable price!

It is also worth noting that in addition to our freight shipping and international art courier services, Fine Art Shippers also offers a variety of affordable art storage options both in the United States and abroad. We can store your art before or after the move, and we can organize temporary storage for your precious cargo in almost any country when shipping it to multiple destinations. Besides, our company also offers long-term fine art storage options in secure warehouses equipped with sophisticated climate control systems.

Whatever your needs, Fine Art Shippers is always the right place to come for professional help! Our freight shipping and international art courier services, as well as art storage and other services that we offer, are a perfect solution to any art logistics problem!