Five Important Things to Look for in Art Moving Companies

Five Important Things to Look for in Art Moving Companies

At some point, all people have wondered what qualities they should look for in service providers to make the best choice possible. If you are looking through a list of available art moving companies and are not sure where to start narrowing down your options, you can use this article as a guide.

Perfect Art Moving Companies Are…


As a company that has been shipping works of art and antiques for over 25 years, we know that extensive experience is one of the crucial ingredients in ensuring that transportation goes successfully. This applies to both art handlers dealing with your valuables and the company they work for. No matter how skilled the art handlers are, their efforts will not have any value if their company lacks in the management area.


Art moving companies should always be fully transparent about every single detail concerning the transportation of your items. You have the right to know what is happening to your work of art at all times and what exactly you are paying for. If your art movers are true professionals, they will not have anything to hide from you and will gladly answer any of your questions.


Flexibility and adaptability are essential qualities for an art moving company. When dealing with something as complex as logistics, unexpected situations might arise at any time, both from the side of the art handlers and the side of the client. Your perfect art shippers should be flexible and ready to make decisions on the go while prioritizing your needs as a customer.


Overpaying for a bunch of unnecessary services is one of the worst things that can happen when shipping art. The best way to check if your art moving company is cost-efficient is to compare its rates to those of other companies, provided that the services provided are the same.

… And Those Offering Adequate Insurance Options

Art logistics companies always collaborate with fine art insurance brokers. Some insurance plans might not be able to cover specific types of items, for example, something very fragile like glass. In this case, your art logistics company should consider your requirements and provide you with suitable options.

Searching for art moving companies that will fit you perfectly can be stressful. But, hopefully, now you will know what to look for.