Fine Art Storage vs. Self Storage


These days, people around the world are constantly looking for the best way to save money as the current economic environment leaves a lot to be desired. This also applies to different art institutions and private collectors who require temporary storage for their works of art. You have certainly heard about self storage facilities also known as “mini storage” or “u-store” facilities, attracting customers of all types of businesses by advertised rates like $49-$99 per month, depending on the city. Moreover, many of them even offer discount packing materials and boxes or free use of a truck on move. In fairness, it should be noted that this kind of storage facilities can be rather convenient to be used as, let’s say, office storage, home storage, or even file storage. However, their attractive prices usually don’t include additional and sometimes essential services like air conditioning, proximity to elevators, roll up door, first floor, and so on. So the question is whether “u-store” facilities are suitable for secure storage of art and other valuables or not? Let’s compare!

Self storage/U-store facilities:

  • no control over stored commodities, as well as fumes and pests;
  • unreliable security system;
  • no handling/carry assistance;
  • possibility of sudden changes in temperature and humidity;
  • no inventory/art management services;
  • most won’t release/receive for you;
  • lack of the necessary shelves and racks;
  • no insurance available;
  • necessity to pay for the entire unit including wasted space;
  • full month occupancy bills are equal to part month bills;
  • very few art related services or even lack of them.

Fine art storage facilities:

  • trained art handlers at your service;
  • temperature and humidity-controlled area;
  • sophisticated, contemporary security system;
  • active alarm system;
  • fully automated modern fire sprinkler system;
  • computer and photo inventory;
  • flexible storage options that will be suitable for any customer;
  • regulated, monitored warehouses;
  • insurance into the millions of dollars;
  • shipping out, receiving, and other services;
  • you pay only for the volume of stored items;
  • weekly or less proration rate.

In this way, if you need something like a garage to store your tools, extra lawn furniture, or durable furnishings, you can surely use the “u-store” facility. What about your artworks, antique pieces, and other delicate and high-value goods? Definitely not! As for the price, you will be probably surprised to find out that professional art storage warehouses can be a cost effective alternative to any of self storage facilities, especially taking into account conditions provided by them. For example, our temporary art storage rates cannot be beaten! So if you need to store any of your art pieces, contact us or simply fill in our free online form, and we will provide you with an offer that is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations!