Fine Art Shippers Provides Art Delivery Service Seven Days a Week

Fine Art Shippers Provides Art Delivery Service Seven Days a Week

Fine Art Shippers believes that time is an unprecedentedly valuable resource, and that’s why we always make sure that every hour and minute is spent efficiently. If you look at our business hours at Google, you will most likely see that our company is open seven days a week, and we are available for clients from 8 AM to 7 PM. However, Google tends to change the schedule from time to time, probably due to some errors in the algorithm, which may confuse our potential customers. So let’s make it clear: Fine Art Shippers provides an art delivery service every single day!

Why Does Time Matter in Logistics?

Art logistics, like any other type of logistics, is the science of combining time and resources most effectively. Nowadays, the art market is as prosperous as ever, and it requires shipping companies to transport artwork at a quick and efficient tempo. Whether we provide art delivery service to private collectors, estate owners, artists, auction houses, or big festivals, we need to be as precise as possible. The timeliness of our services directly influences not only our clients’ satisfaction but also the success of exhibitions, shows, fairs, and other events.

Given the peculiarities of our work and the responsibility to clients, Fine Art Shippers has decided to work seven days a week with stretched working hours. That’s what allows us to leave up to our customers’ expectations, keep up with the standards, and successfully make deliveries on time. To make it possible to be accessible to people every day, our company hires experienced art handlers and drivers and acquires art vans, which greatly expands our capabilities and makes our team more resourceful and flexible at planning.

Whenever You Need Our Art Delivery Service..

Make no mistake and contact us right away. Even if your email or quote doesn’t reach us during our working hours, our managers will get back to you as soon as the new working day begins. Fine Art Shippers is motivated to make art delivery service more accessible to more people so that packing and moving art and antiques don’t cause stress and steal people’s valuable time. The most efficient way to request our services is through email or an online shipping quote that is available for all clients for free. We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you even on the weekends!