Fine Art Shippers: Brooklyn Installers & Shippers of Art

Brooklyn Installers & Shippers of Art

Fine Art Shippers is a team of professional art handlers based in New York, with a warehouse located in Brooklyn. Our company was founded in 1995. Since then, we have been providing fine art packing, shipping, and installation services. Among our clients are many New York auction houses, museums, private galleries, artists, and collectors. To learn what sets us apart from other Brooklyn installers and fine art shippers, read the blog post below. 

Features That Distinguish Us from Other Brooklyn Installers & Shippers

The main feature that makes us proud is that most of our employees, especially the art handlers, have been with us for years, some of them since the company’s inception. All of them have extensive experience in handling fine art, so we can be responsible for the quality of our services, including packing, unpacking, transportation, installation, and de-installation.

All of these services are usually customized to meet the specific needs of each artwork. For example, we may recommend soft packing for small and medium-sized sculptures and framed paintings, and custom wooden crates for Old Masters and oddly shaped artworks. Our experts also have specialized knowledge in installing various types of art, from paintings and sculptures to mixed media. When installing artwork, we take into account the specific requirements and fragility of each item, but what remains constant is our attention to detail in every aspect of our work.

Fine Art Shippers also has the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and solve problems efficiently because we always have plans for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances ready to hand. This point is crucial for any business, especially in the art logistics field. We have seen Brooklyn installers and shippers start a business, try to run it for a year or two, and eventually sell it after they fail. Everything is different for us: our company has survived many crises, including the pandemic. This all has become possible because we truly believe in what we do and enjoy working with artworks of any type.

What is most important, all of our services are highly valued by our customers, and many come back to us time and time again. Just check out our customer reviews and testimonials to gauge our company’s reputation, and you’ll learn that we truly stand out from other Brooklyn installers and art shippers.