Fine Art Fair Transportation: Handling Art Collections Right

Fine Art Fair Transportation

Visiting an art fair is always exciting and meaningful. Yet, what an outsider may consider a seemingly simple and non-demanding celebration of art is a complex process of fine art fair transportation and organization. There is a large and intricate set of tasks at the backstage of the art fair arrangement, without which the event would never have happened. Let’s take a sneak peek at the procedure of artwork preparation for shipping to an art fair.

Fine Art Fair Transportation: Handling Art Collections Right

At the heart of careful, professional fine art fair transportation lies meticulous planning, with artwork safety as a priority. All objects should be carefully prepared for shipping, with professional packaging materials and techniques selected individually for every art type. Expert art shippers typically use acid-free, non-adhesive materials for packaging so that all exhibits travel without the risk of damage or deterioration. All shipped items should also be provided with a comprehensive cushioning layer, which would protect them from physical shocks on bumpy roads or during the moving procedures.

A separate word should be said about fragile and antique art objects traveling to the fairs. They can be packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes, with several cushioning layers ensuring complete shock absorption and absence of movement inside the box during transportation. Yet, for extra-old and delicate objects, we recommend using custom wooden crates that guarantee much better protection from physical damage risks.

On the other hand, crates are a more expensive packaging option, so they should be used only in cases when other protective measures seem insufficient, or the artwork is to be shipped internationally. In all other situations, proper layering of protective and cushioning materials and a sturdy cardboard box should be enough for getting your art objects delivered to an art fair, provided they are shipped by specialized art shuttles.

Entrust Your Art Fair Logistics to Fine Art Shippers

Whatever place in the USA you have chosen for your forthcoming art fair, Fine Art Shippers can handle the entire spectrum of fine art fair transportation services. We’ve been in the art shipping industry since 1995, working with artists, galleries, auction houses, and private collectors with an unchanging commitment to service quality.

With us, your art pieces are always safe and sound, traveling to and from the fair without risks and uncertainties. We can assume full responsibility for the art fair logistics, including the artwork packaging and pick-up, delivery to the selected location, installation and deinstallation, and subsequent safe return of your belongings home.