Finding Safety in Shipping amid a Congested Market

Not only are greater levels of consumers using the internet for their purchases, but they are using the internet for a greater number of types of purchases, most notably groceries. This has seen what CNBC is reporting as a huge boom in delivery for shipping and courier services across the country – which brings with it an element of risk. As volumes increase and the major shippers continue to expand their capacity, quality of service can fall – increasing the risk of damage to valuables. From assessing costs to looking at package quality, there are steps you can take to minimize that risk.

Cost – a race to the top

As competition heats up, costs are going to drop in order to attract a wider customer base. Reduced costs should be part of any consideration when shipping, but not the entire picture. When you’re transporting valuable goods, the shipping cost should be weighed against the value of the item. This focus on quality is a trend throughout industry, according to Forbes. 62% of businesses are focusing on quality, rather than convenience or spread of service, and that’s something you should look at when shipping valuables, packaging included.

Making the most of packaging

Packaging can make or, quite literally, break your packaging. Bubble wrap and a padded bag are often not enough to properly protect what’s precious to you, and especially not in the high volume shipping environment of today where items can be damaged through neglect. Making a proper package can give you that extra level of assurance; doing it properly can be a matter of obtaining expertise.

Using expertise

That level of quality in packaging is best derived from people who know what they’re doing. Moving away from larger courier and shipping services and towards smaller, expertise-driven service is an important way to ensure the safety of your goods while getting the best possible delivery turnaround. The good news is that expertise is, indeed, rising – chiefly in response to the need for more innovative vaccine shipping methods, according to NPR. Another area where specific expertise makes all the difference, it’s an indication of how shipping companies are getting smart to meet consumer expectations.

Ultimately, this means that you can find quality amid the flood of low-cost, ultra-fast shipping solutions. That’s of crucial importance in fine art, where quality is value. More importantly, it means you can be sure you can continue to enjoy your pieces following a move.