Fergus McCaffrey – A Must-Visit Destination for Japanese Art

Fine Art Shippers is an experienced international shipping company from New York, with representative offices in London, Moscow, and Hong Kong. We have been operating worldwide since 1995, and over this time, we have built a strong reputation for high-quality service and individual approach to every client. This all allows us to work with some of the best galleries from around the world, handling and shipping valuable art for them on a daily basis. Moreover, we continue to expand our services, visiting various art shows and fairs, including the renowned Art Basel that was held last month in Basel, Switzerland. It was an excellent experience and also a very good opportunity for our international shipping company from New York to get acquainted with new galleries. For example, we got a lot of pleasure out of visiting the amazing Fergus McCaffrey gallery!

Fergus McCaffrey

Established in 2006, Fergus McCaffrey is a relatively new art gallery, with spaces in Tokyo and New York. However, it has already been recognized for its important role in promoting post-war Japanese art by such influential artists as Kazuo Shiraga, Jiro Takamatsu, Tatsuo Ikeda, and Toshio Yoshida. Plus, its outstanding collection also features works by famous American and European contemporary artists, including Andy Warhol, Carol Rama, Mario Schifano, and Robert Ryman.

As a professional international shipping company from New York, we were very pleased to visit Fergus McCaffrey and get acquainted with its impressive collection of art. Fine Art Shippers definitely recommends this gallery to everyone!