Feltz Bagels by Lucy Sparrow: A Must-See Art Installation at SCOPE

Feltz Bagels by Lucy Sparrow A Must See Art Installation at SCOPE

The Fine Art Shippers team is now in Miami, helping our clients deliver and install their artworks. This is also a unique chance for us to access signature shows and enjoy installations by world-famous artists. One of the highlights we’d like to share with you today is Lucy Sparrow’s art installation under the title Feltz Bagels, which is featured at SCOPE Art Show.

Lucy Sparrow’s Art Installation You Don’t Want to Miss

Lucy Sparrow is a globally known British installation artist who delivers deep messages with her creative supermarket and food installations made of soft, cozy, and pleasant materials. She is widely famous for her colorful felt creations, which people can buy individually. Sparrow’s unique artistic approach has been widely acclaimed in the artistic community, with her exhibitions held at the Whitney Museum (New York) and the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne).

Now, Lucy Sparrow is at SCOPE Art Show 2023 with her slight remake of the pop-up felt bagel show she originally displayed in New York. Feltz Bagels is the artist’s tribute to the signature New York delicacy. Thus, visitors can admire 14 types of neatly sewn bagels of varied colors and textures and choose one of the eight filling types (e.g., smoked salmon, caviar, eggs, mozzarella, etc.). Anyone can buy a bagel from the collection for $250, which is served personally by Lucy. The art installation thus offers a fully immersive experience of a bagel shop, delivered in the unique “Lucy Sparrow” style.

Feltz Bagels by Lucy Sparrow: A Must-See Art Installation at SCOPE

Other Highlights of SCOPE Art Show You Should See

Art Installation at SCOPEWe hope that those in Miami who haven’t included SCOPE in their must-visit lists yet will adapt their schedules and pay a visit to the large-scale art installation venue during the crazy buzz of Miami Art Week. You’ll be welcomed by the immersive artwork by Tomislav Topić at the main entrance, welcoming you to the world of contemporary art and esthetics. An object you surely won’t miss is the 25-foot modern Trojan horse, a testimony to self-reliance and empowerment authored by BK Adams. It’s also necessary to take a glimpse at the participatory fusion of skateboarding, music, and painting that Connor Tingley and Curren Caples co-authored and created for SCOPE. The experiential Tearoom installation will welcome you to the elegant beauty of the tea ceremony, and the murals on SCOPE walls at the beachfront will give you a totally new perspective of art in original settings.

Fine Art Shippers is happy to be present at the iconic art event in Miami, helping with art packing and shipping, and sincerely recommends studying each venue and booth inside out to get the unique vibe of art heartbeat.