Art Packing and Shipping Services at SCOPE Art Show 2023

Art Packing and Shipping Services at SCOPE Art Show 2023

The long-awaited Miami Art Week is about to start next week. If you’re planning a visit to Miami, you will surely be spoilt for choice in terms of the art events happening there at this time of the year. One of them is SCOPE Art Show, an event that can be visited three times a year in different parts of the world – Basel, New York, and Miami. If you’re planning to buy a new gem for your private art collection at the upcoming Miami edition of the show, you are welcome to use our art packing and shipping services.

Why Is SCOPE Art Show Worth the Hassle?

This year, SCOPE Art Show will be held in Miami Beach, FL, on December 5-10. The general admission entrance fee equals $40, and the platinum first-view access will cost you $200. There is also a VIP preview offer available to visitors for $150.

The art show is specifically dedicated to contemporary art and will feature paintings, sculptures, and installations as the main mediums for display. This year, 140+ exhibitors from all corners of the globe will participate in SCOPE. Its organizers expect to welcome around 60,000 visitors within five days of the fair.

So, why should you consider attending SCOPE? We believe that it’s a great venue that helps emerging artists and newbie galleries get into the spotlight of attention among art connoisseurs and professional art dealers. The show sets many art trends by showcasing the rising stars and giving a sneak peek at the cutting-edge ideas that are only taking shape. SCOPE Art Show has won fame for being an incubator for new voices in the art world, which you can be the first to hear. That’s why this art fair attracts a steadily growing audience of visitors interested in the emerging trends and wishing to be the first among their appreciators.

Get Art Packing and Shipping Services from Our Experts

As soon as you acquire a new precious item for your art collection, the last thing you want is to get it damaged or scratched in the process of transportation. That’s why the best way to have it delivered safe and sound is to use reliable art packing and shipping services. The good news is that Fine Art Shippers will be in Miami during the Art Week, available for hire right on the point. So, put our name on the list of providers of trustworthy art packing and shipping services, and call us once you have your new belongings in your hands.