Factors to Consider Before Flying With Your Artwork

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When you need to ship large and highvalue pieces of art that are vulnerable to breakage, then you will require our experts to ship them separately. The reason is that our staff is trained specifically to deal with such kind of fragile items besides having specialized equipment for handling your artwork safely. But if you want to fly with your little pieces of art, it is possible to do it as long as you follow the rules. In this post about transportation art, we shall share factors to consider before opting to fly with your pieces of art. Before, the end of the post, you will learn how and why you need to incorporate insurance, packaging, and airline considerations into the equation.


The second factor to consider in your equation is the packaging process of the artwork you want to fly with. You will choose your packaging depending on factors such as the size of the art, the type of artwork you are traveling with, and its weight. Make sure you have insulated the artwork in a safe box to protect it against humidity and fluctuating temperatures.

Airline Considerations

Before opting to fly with your artwork, check with the airline that will offer you transportation art services to ensure your parcel meets their requirements. For instance, it is good to confirm if the airline that will carry your artwork has the means to tow it safely into the plane.


Since you are not dealing with a dedicated fine art transporting company, it is necessary to have insurance at the back of your mind. The reason is that a dedicated art shipper has an insurance cover that will take care of any eventuality along the way or in their warehouse. But since you are handling it alone, it is wise to talk to your insurer to get compensation should anything wrong happen to your artwork. It is also necessary to take snaps of the art before traveling with it to enable you to ascertain any eventual damage and lodge a claim.

Even though large, highvalue, and fragile pieces of art require specialized transportation from art shippers, some people opt to fly with their art pieces as parcels. If you are one such traveler, it is necessary to follow the guidelines we have provided in this post when flying with your artwork.