Factors that Affect the Cost of Parcel Forwarding

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Have you ever sat down and figured how Fine Art Shippers arrives at the shipping charges they impose on your cargo? What factors influence their decision to charge you the much they do? For customers who mind their money, it is necessary to get answers to these critical questions before the next USA parcel forwarding. The reason is that you can do something to minimize some of the charges you pay for the same transporting services. In the remaining sections of this post, we shall show you how carriers arrive at these figures.

Pickup Costs

One of the factors that contribute to your parcel forwarding bills is the pickup cost. When a courier comes to pick your goods at your doorpost, they add that cost to the overall bill. Therefore, getting the parcel to the shipper’s premises can minimize shipping costs. However, this depends on other factors such as the convenience of dropping the cargo, the cost, and the time it takes to drop it yourself.

Cargo Size

Another factor affecting the cost of air or sea transporting is the cargo’s size. This factor can still influence cost irrespective of whether the items are heavy or light. If the cargo occupies more space that could have been allocated to other users, then you will pay for it. That is why when shipping items, you should use only the correct size of the box since a bigger container would occupy more space.

Parcel Weight

Another factor affecting the USA parcel forwarding cost is its weight. The reason is that heavier boxes are more hectic to handle, and hence, the higher charges. Also, the weight of the items will exert greater wear and tear on the vehicle, plane, or ship. Therefore, the carriers factor in all these things. To gain an upper hand, always pack things within the defined weight limits.

Delivery Speed

Do you want your USA parcel forwarding to arrive faster? If you do, then you would need to use Express services that will cost you more. In many cases, the difference between the economy and Express options is a day, meaning proper planning can save you the extra cost.

Cargo Origin and Destination

Lastly, the origin and destination of your cargo can determine its shipping cost because port authorities set their own charges.

Now that you know where your money goes, you are better placed to make better preparations and decisions regarding fine art moving companies.