Expert Tips on How to Organize a Small Storage Space for Art

Expert Tips on How to Organize a Small Storage Space for Art

Have you noticed your art collection rapidly outgrowing your storage? Do you worry about not having enough space to keep all your precious creations organized? We have several solutions that will help you optimize even the tiniest art storage. If you do not know how to organize a small storage space for art, continue reading this blog post. Today, we will cover the three most common art storage solutions for the most efficient use of your limited space.

Expert Tips on How to Organize a Small Storage Space for Art

Maximize the usage of walls

We are used to thinking of storage space in terms of horizontal space. But what if we thought outside the box? By installing as many shelves and cabinets as your storage room allows, you will be getting the most out of your storage space. It can also help you keep stuff off the floor — storing artwork on the ground is not a great practice anyway.

Give art racks a chance

One more way to get the most use out of your storage space is to install art racks. They can be custom-made to accommodate works of any size: for example, art storage racks are often used to store large framed two-dimensional pieces. There are several different kinds of art racks, from simpler ones made from wood to those used by museums and professional art storage companies. Their main benefit is that they are movable, portable, and pretty much flat, meaning they are perfect for organizing a small storage space.

Management is everything

Managing a large art storage space is arguably more tedious than organizing a small one. However, no matter the size of your art storage, you need to make sure you are taking proper care of it. If you are planning on cramming your years’ worth of artwork in a tiny storage room, you need to make sure you label every single box, case, crate, and rack. In addition, maintain structure inside your art storage room by using dividers and folders for smaller, paper-based pieces.

The ultimate answer to the question of how to organize a small storage space for art is simple: safe storage is the best storage. If you want to make sure your art collection is secure and protected at all times, you can always opt for a specialized fine art storage unit near you.