Evgeniya Maltseva Combines Visual Art and Music in Her New Project

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought chaos to our lives and unprecedented problems to the global economy. Many things have changed, and they are unlikely to be back to normal soon. However, it has also united people in different ways and given birth to many new projects, particularly in the art sphere. One such project combining visual art and music has been recently presented by the talented Russian artist Evgeniya Maltseva.

Visual Art and Music in the New Project by Evgeniya Maltseva

Evgeniya Maltseva is a contemporary Russian artist working in diverse media, from painting to sculpture to wood firing. Her works have been exhibited at a range of important art exhibitions around the world, as well as appeared at many prestigious art fairs, including Red Dot Miami, World Art Dubai, and Art Russia.

Evgeniya Maltseva is largely known for her amazing series of visual art pieces, “Song of Songs,” which was first introduced to the public in 2017. “Song of Songs” features a stunning collection of paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media pieces, all combined by the themes of self-acceptance and love between a man and a woman. During coronavirus self-isolation, Evgeniya Maltseva rethought several of her works from this series, adding to them animation and music from the album “In the Thin Herbs” by Plan Z. The result is worth your time and attention.

Black Madonna. Mask. Self-portrait” (oil, acrylic, stain, fire on wood, textile), 2015

“The ‘stale fabric’ of the prejudices of a patriarchal society is a shame, manipulation through fear and guilt. From generation to generation, a behavioral scheme of self-ignition and dislike for oneself is transmitted.” – Evgeniya Maltseva


Black Madonna. Self-portrait” (oil, acrylic, stain, fire on wood, glass), 2015

“Madonna at all times is portrayed with a baby in her arms, in the form of a mother. I do not agree with the fact that the woman is an incubator for growing children and a machine for cooking. For me, she is, first of all, a spiritual being; the woman is free and shown in love and in God.” – Evgeniya Maltseva