Deutsche Bahn Has Presented Its Collection of Contemporary Art

Until July 17, 2015, everyone can enjoy the fine art works by artists from the avant-garde ZERO Group. The exposition is called «Von ZERO an» that is translated as “Start from scratch” and takes place in Nuremberg, Germany. So now you have a great opportunity to see such works of contemporary art as the famous nails on canvas by Gunter Uecker, “Fire Painting” by Otto Piene, unusual color compositions by Heinz Mack, and many others. The organizer of the exhibition is the well-known German railway concern, Deutsche Bahn. It is interesting that these modern art works, especially created by Jiri Kolar, George Grosz and Victor Vasarely, not so long ago decorated the Deutsche Bahn corridors and offices all over Germany. But on May 8, for the first time the company decided to display a part of their amazing art collection that consist of 300 fine art works to the public. However, only 140 of them have become exhibits in Nuremberg. The Deutsche Bahn Group itself got this collection of contemporary art in connection with the purchase of the transport company Stinnes in 2003, the director of which acquired fine art works in corporate ownership. As for the exposition, it takes place in the former industrial hall of the AEG Company in Nuremberg.