Design Thinking & Innovation Week by Future London Academy

Fine Art Shippers has worked hard to become one of the best freight and shipping companies specializing in the transportation of art and other valuables. For today, we have representative offices and reliable partners in all the major art destinations worldwide, including London. Just like New York, London is home to some of the world’s most prominent museums and galleries, and we are very proud to join the community of professional freight and shipping companies operating in this incredible city. Besides, London is also known for its many international fairs and shows happening throughout the year. Plus, there are many interesting events and programs organized by creatives and experts from different fields. For example, have you ever heard of Design Thinking & Innovation Week by Future London Academy? It is undoubtedly an excellent learning program and not only for freight and shipping companies, but for all other businesses too!

Design Thinking & Innovation Week

Design Thinking & Innovation Week was created by Future London Academy (FLA) for those who want to expand their networks and broaden horizons. This unique 5-day learning program consists of lectures, roundtable discussions, workshops, cultural events, and, what is the most important, visiting companies that specialize in new technologies, innovation, and design thinking. Moreover, it gives an amazing opportunity to meet key people from such world-known organizations as the BBC and Twitter, ask them questions, and learn about their ideas and approach. The next edition of FLA: Design Thinking & Innovation Week will be held in London on March 18-22, 2019. Highly recommended!

Photo credit: Future London Academy/futurelondonacademy.co.uk