Dangers of Fragile Freight Transportation, and How to Combat Them

Dangers of Fragile Freight Transportation

Pretty much everyone has something so fragile in their home that they are afraid of even breathing near it. Be it your grandmother’s china set or a figurine you bought at a vintage market, precious and delicate things are better left alone to avoid ruining them by accident. However, at some point, you might need to move them to a new home. Obviously, there are many risks associated with fragile freight transportation. Today, let’s talk about some of the most common and how to avoid them. 

Dangers of Fragile Freight Transportation, and How to Combat Them



Yes, one can get seriously injured when handling fragile freight. For example, if something is delicate, it does not mean it cannot be heavy. It is easy to overexert yourself when lifting heavy items without the right tools or using the proper technique. Moreover, fragile items made from materials like porcelain or glass can break inside their boxes, and you can seriously cut yourself on shards when opening them. To protect your health, we urge you to be extremely careful when lifting or opening packages with fragile items in them.

Messing up labels

Shipping labels are every mover’s best friend, but they also can cause harm if used improperly. If you suddenly forget where you put your glassware, you might place a “fragile” sticker on the wrong box. Labels are the only way your movers can know which box contains breakables, so you must be extremely careful and precise with them.

Inexperienced handling

Which company are you planning on hiring for your move? If your answer is a regular moving company, we suggest that you reevaluate your decision. The thing is, while regular movers can be a great solution for furniture and similar objects, handling fragile freight is not their main area of expertise. To safeguard yourself from disappointment and unpredicted expenses, we suggest that you only entrust your fragile possessions to a professional fragile goods shipping company. Fine art handlers are a perfect alternative to regular movers because they work with delicate and valuable objects all the time.

We completely understand how difficult it is to make sure that all of your belongings arrive at the doorstep of your new home in one piece. Fine Art Shippers is always happy to help take the load off your shoulders by managing the most stressful and meticulous parts of the process for you.