Crating Artwork for Shipping: Why Only Professionals Should Do It

Crating Artwork for Shipping

Any art handler will tell you that crating artwork for shipping takes a lot of time and skill. But the challenges of this process pay off in the end. After all, there is a reason why art institutions use wooden crates to transport fragile and valuable items. A crate is indeed the most secure type of art packaging. But is an art crate made by a professional the same thing as the one made by an amateur? Let’s see what difference years of experience make.

Crating Artwork for Shipping: Why Only Professionals Should Do It

First, if you are planning on crating artwork for shipping by yourself, you still need to get an art crate from somewhere. But this kind of packaging is not something that can be purchased at a regular packing supplies store. While regular wooden crates are often used to transport things like fruit and vegetables come ready-made, art crates are only custom-made. That is because each art crate has to fit an item perfectly, and making a proper crate that is not too small or too big is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, if you leave too much space inside, your valuable piece will move around during transportation and likely shatter.

In addition, to even start thinking about building art crates yourself, you need to buy all the necessary tools and materials. The chances are high that you do not have the right saw and wooden panels lying around your home. Not only getting new supplies will cost you a pretty penny, but it will also waste your precious time, as you will have to figure out what you actually need to build a quality art crate.

Another question is if making a mistake when crating artwork for shipping is really that horrible. The short answer is yes. But to tell you the truth, transporting your valuables in a faulty crate is probably the worst thing you can subject them to. An art crate is a complex construction made from wood. If you get the measurements wrong, it may collapse on top of your priceless belongings and damage them in seconds, not to mention that it will also affect other items next to it.

In the end, there is no need to make yourself go through such struggles. Professional art handlers are always happy to build a secure, high-quality art shipping crate just for you.