Crating and Freighting Services in the United States

Since most crate and shipping companies have size and weight limitations, it is not that easy to find a high-quality freight delivery service for shipping something heavy and bulky. Moreover, what if your cargo is not only large but also very fragile and valuable? For example, what if you are shipping antique furniture, expensive electronics, musical instruments, a collection of paintings, or a huge outdoor sculpture? In such a case, you need not just any freight delivery company but rather professional shippers of fine art, who can additionally handle oversized shipments no matter the destination. The good news is that Fine Art Shippers offers some of the best crating and freighting services in the United States! Furthermore, we specialize in handling valuables and collectibles of any size and weight, with all the details covered. Besides, our team can provide free shipping quotes that include pick-up, in-house packing and custom crating, full value insurance coverage, shipping, and delivery quickly and accurately!


Crating and freighting services

Fine Art Shippers is an expert in crating and freighting oddly shaped, large, and heavy items of any type, including art and antiques that demand special handling, making our company a ‘one-stop-spot’ for any shipping need. We work with auction houses, galleries, artists, collectors, and individuals from all over the United States and beyond, providing them with oversized shipping services at reasonable prices. What is no less important, Fine Art Shippers successfully operates across the world so that you can rely on our team to ship your freight to almost any country or city.

Custom packaging solutions

In addition to our crating and freighting services, Fine Art Shippers also offers custom packaging for each wooden crate we build. Thus, whether you are shipping an oversized painting or a huge metal sculpture, we will ensure that your artwork is properly protected in transit, taking into consideration its particular destination requirements, mode of transport, fragility, weight, and dimensions. The same applies to packaging, crating, and freighting such large yet delicate items as electronics, appliances, furniture, and equipment.

In fact, we can pack, crate, and ship absolutely any object, so feel free to call Fine Art Shippers at any time to discuss your shipment, no matter national or international! We will offer the best advice and the most suitable solution for your particular crating and freighting problem! Our team is always ready to help!