Contemporary Painting at George Lawson Gallery in Mill Valley, CA

Thanks to our partner office in Los Angeles, Fine Art Shippers has the pleasure of working all over California, serving local artists, dealers, and collectors. The Golden State has an amazing art scene, with lots of galleries offering exceptional modern and contemporary art for any taste and budget. The Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles, Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, and Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco are just some of the many must-visit galleries in California. In this blog post, we would like to tell you about another noteworthy place you do not want to miss when looking for high-quality art in California – the amazing George Lawson Gallery in Mill Valley, which offers a fabulous selection of contemporary paintings.

Contemporary Painting at George Lawson Gallery

George Lawson Gallery was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, but not so long ago, the gallery moved to its current location in Mill Valley. Focused on contemporary painting, George Lawson Gallery shows a roster of local and international artists in a welcoming atmosphere of its charming space in the heart of downtown Mill Valley. Most of the artists represented by the gallery specialize in traditional painting, but there are also talents working in hybrid disciplines and mixed-media art. For example, George Lawson Gallery represents Tama Hochbaum, an artist and photographer from Chapel Hill, NC; Ira Watkins, a self-taught artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, known for his works depicting the African-American community; and Johanna Baruch, a San Francisco-based artist whose paintings are inspired by the images of the outer space, among others.

In addition to showcasing the best in contemporary art in its beautiful gallery space, George Lawson Gallery participates in art fairs, produces limited edition catalogs and books, advises collectors, and supports talented artists as much as possible. If you have an opportunity to visit Mill Valley, make sure to add this amazing gallery to your itinerary!