Clio Art Fair: A Trail-Blazing NYC Show for Independent Artists

Clio Art Fair A Trail Blazing NYC Show for Independent Artists

There is a widespread belief in the art industry that you can only succeed as an artist if you find an art gallery to formally represent you. However, more and more projects that challenge that notion have been emerging. Clio Art Fair is introducing new alternatives to the outdated way of communication between an art maker and an art lover, giving independent artists a chance to represent themselves. This year, the trail-blazing show is coming back with a new edition on September 7.

Clio Art Fair: A Trail-Blazing NYC Show for Independent Artists

Clio Art Fair, named after a muse of history from Greek mythology, has been celebrating established independent artists since 2014. The goal of the event is to showcase contemporary artists who do not have gallery representation.

Clio Art Fair is organized by HYDRA Art Project Inc., an NYC-based art management company. Its mission is to provide space for art initiatives that eliminate borders between identities, territories, and experiences. Clio Art Fair offers a large selection of artworks by national and international artists. The prices generally range from $500 to $5,000, which makes this event affordable for most people and friendly to beginning collectors.

The innovative approach of the fair helps create a space where independent artists can express themselves freely. They are allowed to present their most daring projects that would not have been possible within the constraints of a regular art fair.

The upcoming edition of Clio Art Fair invites exhibitors to venture into the fantastical and vibrant world of dreams. Considering the vast opportunities and the endless freedom it offers, the artwork selection will be truly spectacular. Besides, the show will feature a special section titled “Losing Track of the Lost” highlighting the injustice that unhoused people face.

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Clio Art Fair will take place from September 7 through September 10 at 550 West 29th Street, New York. We hope to see you at the show!