Christmas Tips from New York Fine Art Movers

When it comes to shipping fine art, every little detail matters. From picking up to secure art packing and on-time delivery, each step of the transportation process should be treated with the utmost attention and professionalism. Only in such a case, it is possible to guarantee the safety of the transported items. When it comes to preparing your home for Christmas, the situation is largely the same. If you want to create a perfect fairytale atmosphere, you need to think about so many things, make a plan, and consider different options. However, your creative approach can save you time and big money without sacrificing the result. New York fine art movers are ready to help you with that! Here are several ideas on how to use wooden crates and pallets as magical Christmas decorations:

1. Holiday wagons

If you have several large crates, you can turn them into beautiful holiday wagons without too much effort. Just add color to your wooden crates and complete them with a handle and wheels. Now they can be easily used for storing presents, pillows, blankets, and a variety of Christmas decorations.

2. Christmas village display

If you want to bring more magic to your home, why not create your own Christmas village display? Old wooden crates are just perfect for this purpose. Using them as the backdrops, you can create any holiday scenes and nativity displays you like.

3. Wall crate storage

Christmas tree crate stanThis simple DIY project can help you store winter apparel in Christmas style. Just take several crates, paint them in your favorite colors, apply several layers of polyurethane to make them waterproof, and hang them on the wall. No more problems with snowy scarves and hats in your home!

4. Christmas tree crate stand

With the use of four unfinished wood crates and brown acrylic paint, you can make a romantic yet stylish Christmas tree stand. Simply paint the crates, screw them together, and place your tree on center of the assembled crates.

5. Table centerpiece

Finally, you can turn a small wood crate into a stylish Christmas centerpiece. All you need to do is to cover your crate with paint and add several ribbons to its sizes. Such a table centerpiece is ideal for the holidays; however, it will also look great on other days too.

Hopefully, these Christmas tips and ideas from New York fine art movers will come in handy, and you will create an unforgettable fairytale atmosphere in your home these holidays!