Choosing the Best Fine Art Delivery Service in NYC

Whether you purchase art from galleries or auction houses, in most cases, you need to choose a reliable fine art delivery service to get your new acquisitions home safely. The good news is that fine art shipping in NYC is a serious business, with many reputable companies operating both across the US and internationally. Fine Art Shippers is proud to be one of them, providing a full range of artwork transport solutions at very competitive prices. It is needless to say that fine art delivery service is one of the major services we offer in New York City. Moreover, Fine Art Shippers is your best option if you need your newly acquired treasures to be delivered within a single day. After all, our team is known for the unique ability to get any art moving job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we are not the only reliable artwork shipping company in NYC, and in this blog post, we want to tell you a bit about Crozier, one of our top competitors in the art logistics field and definitely one of the best companies in the industry.



Established in 1976, Crozier today is the largest full-service fine art shipping company in NYC, serving museums, galleries, collectors, designers, and artists. Moreover, they not only provide a high-quality fine art delivery service but also offer professional art installation, collection management, and a variety of other art-related services. This trustworthy company is additionally known for its many secure art storage facilities across the United States, including in Los Angeles and in the Hamptons. Plus, they also have spaces in New Jersey, which are of particular importance because Crozier is now working with Sotheby’s.

Picking up art from Crozier location

This year, Sotheby’s is going through a major renovation project, so if you need to pick up any art pieces purchased from this renowned auction house, you can do it now at Crozier location in New Jersey. This is a bit uncomfortable for many companies providing auction shipping and fine art delivery services in NYC because we now need to go to New Jersey every time our clients purchase something from Sotheby’s. However, the service is amazing, and the place is easy to find, which makes the overall process fast and efficient.

Whether you choose Fine Art Shippers or Crozier, you are sure to get the best fine art delivery service possible! After all, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone!