Choosing Between Local and International Fine Art Moving Companies

Choosing Between Local and International Fine Art Moving Companies

In today’s art market, there are both local and international fine art moving companies. It may seem that there is nothing simpler than choosing between them: if you need to move fine art pieces abroad, you contact an international company, and if you need to move them within a country, you contact a local company. However, upon closer examination, there are more nuances and differences. 

Local and International Fine Art Moving Companies and Their Specifics

International fine art moving companies specialize in the transportation and handling of valuable and delicate artworks across international borders, while local companies basically ship across the country. This is an undeniable fact. However, many international fine art moving companies often have the expertise and infrastructure to handle local fine art shipments, so they offer domestic art transportation services as well. It is also true that many local companies have the ability to ship artwork and other valuables abroad. So how to choose between them?

When shipping your artwork or antique internationally, you always have two options. Choose an international company if the item is particularly valuable, and you need white glove delivery in another country. International fine art moving companies navigate the complexities of customs regulations and documentation required to move artwork across borders. They may also provide a wide range of art-related services in different countries.

On the other hand, if you have a company or person in the destination country to receive the shipment, you can easily choose a local company. They will prepare the item for transit, crate it, store it until the date of departure, and ship it by air or sea to the intended destination. Many items purchased at auctions are actually shipped this way. It is distinguished from the transportation handled by an international company by more pleasant prices and easier communication.

If you need to ship your artwork domestically, there is no need to hire an international fine art shipping company. For shipping within a country, a local fine art shipping company may offer more cost-effective and streamlined services. They may also be more familiar with the specific regulations and logistical challenges within a particular country or region.

Thus, the choice between an international and a local fine art shipping company depends on the specific characteristics of the artwork and your preferences for service levels and costs. In practice, local fine art shipping companies often assist with international moves.