Challenges and Solutions in International Fine Art Transportation

Challenges and Solutions in International Fine Art Transportation

Fine art transportation is full of nuances and complexities, even when it comes to local shipment. That’s because art objects are delicate and fragile, with their cultural and historical value often exceeding their financial estimation manifold.

International shipping is an even more challenging task, as besides the object’s safety, the art owner should take into account complex paperwork, customs regulations, and cross-border permits. Here is a brief guide to the art of arranging cross-border fine art transportation and the key points you should consider.

Potential Bottlenecks in Cross-Border Fine Art Transportation

When planning fine art transportation abroad, you need to take a closer look at both domestic regulations and those in the destination country. The major aspects that may ensure your artwork travels smoothly are as follows.


International shipments should be insured for comprehensive protection from property damage or loss. Therefore, you should get an insurance policy for your art object to sleep well at night while your precious property is in transit.

Import/Export Permit

National and international laws strictly regulate fine art, and you should do your homework before sending the artwork to another country. Find out whether your home country or the destination country has any special import or export permit requirements and arrange these documents in advance.

A Reliable Receiving Shipper

Once the artwork arrives at the seaport or airport of its destination, the recipient should take proper measures to transfer it safely to the final point. It may be an international exhibition you’re participating in or a new owner’s house; in any case, it’s in your interest that the object reaches the location intact. That’s why you should research the local shipping providers specializing in fine art and hire the most reputable company.

Thorough Planning Is Key

As soon as you start planning fine art transportation to another country, you should think over the following aspects first of all:

  • Will it be a sea or air shipment?
  • Will you use crates or other packaging variants?
  • Do you need to collect some additional documents, or do you have the complete package at hand?

If some of these points still look confusing to you, please call Fine Art Shippers at (917) 658-5075 for assistance. We have skilled experts who can plan the whole process, advise you on the required documents, select the correct packaging variant, and organize the full shipment procedure to the seaport or airport of your choice.