Fine Art Shippers at the Original Miami Antique Show

Almost a month has passed since the Original Miami Antique Show came to an end, but it is impossible not to look back at this incredible event and share our impressions about it. After all, Fine Art Shippers was right at the center of this important show.

As professional shippers of fine art, our team of trained art movers was engaged in packing and shipping antiques, helping dealers and their clients get their new acquisitions home. It was a great experience for Fine Art Shippers, and we were so pleased to take part in such a big event from its very beginning to the end. The Original Miami Antique Show is indeed a must-visit show for both serious collectors and enthusiasts with a passion for the vintage and antique items.

The Original Miami Antique Show 2018

The Original Miami Antique Show is the largest indoor antique show in the United States, presenting more than 600 reputable antique dealers from around the world. In 2018, this significant event took place at the Miami Fair Expo Center on February 9-12. These were four amazing days filled with incredible collections of fine art, porcelain, 17th – 19th-century furniture, antique jewelry, European and American silver, and many other valuable and collectible pieces from Renaissance to Art Deco eras. It is no wonder that the Original Miami Antique Show 2018 was visited by more than 18,000 attendees interested in all kinds of antiques. Fine Art Shippers was there and saw this all first-hand!

Fine Art Shippers booth

Being at the Original Miami Antique Show is always one of the most special events our team of artwork shippers has during the year. Moreover, Fine Art Shippers has its own booth at the show, which allows us to professionally work with many art and antique dealers who also take part in this important event, providing them and their clients with all possible art courier services and shipping antique and art pieces for them both across the country and internationally.

It is also worth noting that Fine Art Shippers offers art shuttles from Miami to New York and from New York to Miami, circulating every two weeks. So if you are looking for the most affordable way to safely move your art and antiques between these cities or across the United States, our art shuttle services are exactly what you need.