Australian Birds in Art by Susan Willemse

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Susan Willemse

Susan Willemse is a contemporary Australian artist known for a series of beautiful paintings of Australian birds. Her amazing works made using airbrush and acrylics on stretched canvas are inspired by nature and photography that has long been a favorite hobby of Susan and her no less talented husband Steven Willemse. Cockatiels, cockatoos, ducks, cormorants, emus, eastern rosellas, brown falcons, galahs, swans, egrets, and many other Australian birds – all can be found in paintings by Susan Willemse. Highly recommended!

Art transportation services; Susan Willemse

At Fine Art Shippers, we love works by Susan Willemse, and we would be happy to provide this talented artist with our art transportation services, shipping her fantastic paintings from Australia to anywhere in the world!

Photo credit: Susan Willemse/susanwillemse.wixsite.com/artaustralianbirds