Artist Talk: Cindy Amoroso and the Legend of Medusa

Artist Cindy Amoroso

Cindy Amoroso is an Italian artist born in Switzerland. For the past five years, she has lived in Mallorca, where she works with ceramics—a medium she began to explore upon settling on the island. Her sculptures are often inspired by mythology and nature, with one of her notable series focusing on Medusa, the hideous female creature with living snakes in place of hair.

In this interview for Fine Art Shippers, Verita Amare Et spoke with Cindy Amoroso about the symbolism behind her art, her sources of inspiration, passion for creating art, life in Mallorca, and more.

Artist Talk: Cindy Amoroso and the Legend of Medusa

Why are you attracted to the figure of Medusa? What does she symbolize to you?

Cindy Amoroso: Medusa in Greek mythology is not a goddess, but a Gorgon, a being with snake hair, who petrifies those who look at her. Although she is generally associated with tragedy, I wanted to offer a new and imaginative perspective, something more positive.

Medusa is a goddess born of dust, stars, water, and fire. To me, her appearance evokes the power of thought and femininity. Her hair symbolizes freedom of expression and the beauty of movement. Her fragile gaze seeks to hypnotize consciences, transmitting a message to those capable of deciphering it on stormy nights. She lives in the deepest place in the world and the highest place in the universe; she symbolizes the ability to see beyond appearances, to perceive deeper truths.

What does the sea represent to you?

For me, the sea represents a universe still full of secrets, an experience that appears silent but is actually a vast and fantastic ecosystem. I have an instinctive urge to portray it in artworks because the sea is the origin of life, a place where everything began. To me, it signifies the start of a new journey. Every form of life in the present is significant, and we must protect it by acknowledging its fragility, rather than seeing solely the force of the sea and its powerful waves. From my perspective, the sea is an open door to infinite beginnings.

Sculpture by Cindy Amoroso

Why do you create art?

My intention is to convey through my works everything that I cannot express in words. With every new artwork, I am embarking on an adventure that makes me feel truly alive. It’s a chapter of my life that I want to transform into a radiant story every day. I enjoy imagining parallel worlds and universes where I can let my dreams, desires, secrets, and fantasies express themselves. Creating, for me, means imagining stories with somewhat more positive endings than what today’s world seems to offer us. Imagination is a gift and a right that we all deserve to express freely.

What countries have you lived in?

I was born in Switzerland to Italian immigrant parents. I grew up and completed my schooling there. We lived near Neuchâtel, a quiet city with a beautiful lake and magnificent landscapes.

Why did you decide to settle in Mallorca?

We wanted to live in the sun, but not too far from Switzerland. We didn’t know if this experience would be positive, but in the end, we fell in love with Mallorca — its beaches, landscapes, people, and culture. We managed to set up teleworking in the company and also learned the language to integrate and have a social life. Thanks to this new organization, I have had the opportunity to discover new passions in Mallorca. Above all, I have had a big crush on artistic ceramics.

I have a particular sensitivity for all fragile beings, and I’m happy I was also able to surround myself with animals. I already have seven goats and seven chickens on my property, where they live without restrictions on 3000 m2 of land. Every day, I can spend a moment with them, this helps me to maintain a good balance and feel peace and serenity.

Works by Cindy Amoroso

How has your art developed since you moved to Mallorca?

It’s almost surreal, but in a very short time, I’ve collaborated with many art stores, galleries, photographers, and local artists. Mallorca has a very strong artistic drive and is full of good energy. I am enormously lucky to have discovered this place. It was in Mallorca that I discovered artistic ceramics, I had never worked with clay before. It was love at first sight. Here I’ve learned basic techniques for shaping clay, then practiced on my own at home, acquiring my own ceramic kiln in the process. I also started to work with recycled paper and cardboard creating artistic dresses. This has given me an anchor and more inspiration. I am still growing and learning with art, but being accompanied and supported gives me wings.

I also greatly appreciate the support and the opportunity to share on social networks. Reading comments from around the world and receiving encouragement helps me grow and find new inspiration every day.

What kind of other mediums do you use and why? How do you approach your creative process?

I love exploring and experimenting with various mediums. I enjoy taking breaks between having a creative idea and fulfilling it. There are weeks when I don’t touch ceramics or paper at all. Before delving into a specific idea, I spend a considerable amount of time contemplating it. I wait for that irresistible inspiration to strike before pursuing an idea that has been occupying my thoughts for weeks. In my professional journey in graphic arts, I’ve learned various techniques such as screen printing, technical drawing, gilding, using a cutter, and painting. Today, I apply these skills in my personal artistic exploration, revealing aspects of my personality without needing to express them in words. I find it fascinating.

Sculptures by Cindy Amoroso

What are your plans for the future with your arts and life?

My artistic projects for the future involve continuing to explore this discipline limitlessly, creating only when inspiration strikes. I believe that it’s my dedication and perseverance that will truly guide my long-term projects. I’m eager to explore different aspects of this discipline, gathering all the necessary physical and mental energy. Time is a precious jewel that fascinates me—it’s both a gift and a consequence. Through art, I possess the superpower to momentarily suspend time.

As for my future life, I want to live it fully and happily, surrounded by my family and friends. I cannot imagine a future without the support and love of my loved ones. Destiny brought me here to Mallorca, and I trust in that same destiny and my good deeds to continually guide me toward a better path.

Interview by Verita Amare Et
Photo courtesy of Cindy Amoroso