Artflow Galeria in San Jose, Costa Rica

Fine Art Shippers is a professional art logistics company, meaning that we ship international art all over the globe. Be it a painting, sculpture, museum exhibit, art installation, or any other artwork, we can pick it up from any location and deliver it to any destination worldwide. For example, at Fine Art Shippers, we ship international art to and from Central America and such countries as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama in particular.

In this blog post, we want to draw your attention to the amazing art scene in Costa Rica. It is diverse and filled with exotic colors that define this tropical paradise. Besides, there are many interesting museums and galleries around the country, and Artflow Galeria is one of the best.

Artflow Galeria

Artflow Galeria is a San Jose-based gallery and art platform founded by Karen Clachar in 2012. Specializing in contemporary art, both national and international, it features a great selection of works by talented artists from Latin America, the United States, France, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other countries. For example, Artflow Galeria offers paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces by such artists as Priscilla Monge, Carlos Capelan, Cecilia Paredes, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Cecile Chong, and Lluis Barba. Besides, the gallery also offers art consulting services and hosts various social and cultural events, including the renowned Valoarte show. Definitely worth visiting!

Since we ship international art to and from Costa Rica, Fine Art Shippers would be happy to serve Artflow Galeria and its clients, no matter what art logistics help they need!