Art Trends 2022: Top 5 Predictions for the Year Ahead

Art Trends 2022: Top 5 Predictions for the Year Ahead

No one knows the future. All people can do is build assumptions based on their values, knowledge, and understanding. As a rule, the more you know about the topic, the more accurate your predictions will be. Today, you have an opportunity to look at the list of predictions about art trends 2022. The chances are high that some of them will come true in the nearest future, so you need to be prepared for any changes.

Art Trends 2022: Top 5 Predictions for the Year Ahead

1. The market will be getting back to normal

It is no secret that 2021 was the year when the art market recovered from the serious consequences of COVID-19. In 2022, the tendency to cancel or postpone art shows, art fairs, and festivals will be less powerful.

2. Meta art

With the development of the notion of “meta world,” people started creating meta art. Little is it known about the new form of digital art, so time will tell.

3. Online buying

Works of art are rarely bought online. Online buying will most likely become one of the leading art trends 2022. While the technology is not new, it will become more popular among emerging art collectors and dealers who will be buying art at online auctions or different digital marketplaces.

4. More crypto art, NFT in particular

NFT was the word of 2021. Like it or lump it, crypto art will still be in fashion throughout the year. More NFT art sales ahead!

5. Green art

With each year, more and more artists draw people’s attention to environmental issues. Not only do painters use sustainable art supplies, but they are also willing to foster a healthy attitude toward the environment.

How do you like art trends 2022? Some of them will likely go viral in the days to come. Make sure to keep yourself updated so that you know what is happening in the art industry nowadays and tomorrow.