Art Transportation Services from Kushner Moving Group

Kushner Moving Group was founded by the Kushner family after the horrible personal moving experience that involved everything from prohibitive cost to late delivery and broken promises. After such a shipping nightmare, the family decided to start a company that would provide a full range of premium quality services, starting from household and commercial moving to professional art transportation services.

Today, Kushner Moving Group is one of the leading moving companies with offices in New York and Florida. The list of their advantages includes fixed prices, well-trained and remarkably skilled staff, fully equipped shipping trucks, professional packing and custom crating, substantial help with export documentation, proper consultation, and more.

Kushner Moving Group owns a large fleet of vehicles, which enables them to offer high-quality moving services, including long-distance transportation to almost every corner of the United States. Besides, the company’s trucks are equipped with the most sophisticated security and climate control systems, making them suitable to transport even the most sensitive and delicate items.

Art Transportation Services

It is also worth noting that in addition to standard household moving services, Kushner Moving Group offers expert art transportation services and can help with shipping both a single item and a large collection of art. Plus, it provides consolidated shuttle services, which means that you can safely ship your artwork at the lowest rate possible. Kushner Moving Group always maintains complete control of the scheduling, routing, and dates of service, ensuring that their clients get the best moving experience ever. The company also offers air-freight and logistics services, as well as assists with the coordination of international shipping.

At Fine Art Shippers, we definitely recommend Kushner Moving Group and their professional art transportation services in New York and Miami. You can entrust this company with any of your art moving or shipping needs!