Art Storage Tips for Emerging Art Collectors

For someone who does not know a great deal about artwork storage, it may seem a disaster to follow mountains of tips and recommendations for keeping art safe in a long term. However, even if you are not an expert in art-related matters, it is quite possible to go through the art storage phase successfully. We have compiled the most basic tips that you should follow when storing precious items from your collection. Check them out!

Art Storage Tips for Emerging Art Collectors

1. Choose an appropriate art storage room

When choosing a room that is to be turned into a storage facility, you have to know several things:

  • there should be a climate-control system;
  • attics, basements, and places with damp conditions are a very bad choice;
  • direct heat and sunlight will damage your art pieces;
  • it should be a windowless room.

2. Prepare your art for storage

Packing and wrapping your artworks is an essential step to ensure the safety of your collection while it is in storage. Here are some packing tips to consider:

  • use a microfiber cloth to clean and cover your art items;
  • opt for acid-free packing materials;
  • minimize contact with your art pieces during packing to avoid potential damages;
  • use cardboard protective corners for packing framed artworks;
  • cover sculptures and oddly shaped objects with multiple layers of packing material.

3. Keep artworks off the ground

You have to follow this art storage rule to prevent your collectibles from moisture and other damages. The perfect place for your artworks is on the walls (if you possess a collection of paintings) or in the boxes (it is better to choose wooden crates). Place thoroughly packed items in suitable boxes and make sure they do not get in direct contact and lie on top of each other, especially paintings.

4. Check your art for damage

Even if you are sure your artworks are completely safe while in storage, it is still recommended that you check their condition from time to time. Keep records and take photos of their condition if necessary.

Follow these simple art storage tips, and your collection will be safe!