Art Storage Companies vs Home Storage: What Is the Difference?

Art Storage Companies vs Home Storage

Once you have built a collection big enough to require additional storage space, you generally have two options to pick from. You can either opt for the services of art logistics or art storage companies or organize a storage space in your own house or apartment. Let’s compare the two solutions to see how they are different and which one of them is better.

Art Storage Companies vs Home Storage: What Is the Difference?

First, we have to find out whether there is something art storage companies offer that at-home storage space cannot. The first major difference is that art storage facilities are managed by professionals who have extensive experience in handling works of art. While you as an art collector might know a lot about art storage, you are probably not as knowledgeable and skilled as trained experts. If you want to ensure that your art collection is totally safe, opting for the services of an art storage company is the best way to do that.

Second, there is the financial side of the issue. What is cheaper, storing art at home or at an art storage facility? The answer to this question will depend on multiple factors. If you do not already have a designated storage space for your collection, you will have to build it from scratch. This includes buying equipment and maybe even reconstruction. However, after you spend money and time on at-home storage, you will not have to pay anymore.

Many art logistics companies offer storage units already equipped with all the technology necessary to keep your artwork safe. Keep in mind that while you can keep your art at home without insurance, most art storage facilities will require you to insure your collection. A service like that might be a bit pricey, but the majority of art storage companies have affordable offers and will happily help you pick a plan that works for your budget. Plus, the safety of your pieces is always worth investing in. The damage that poorly organized art storage can do to them will be more expensive than anything you will ever pay for professional storage.

Overall, storing artwork in an art storage facility is much easier than at home. However, building a great storage system inside your home can be done, and there are plenty of resources online that can help you.