Art Shuttle San Francisco – Chicago – NYC Will Leave on December 17

Art shuttle San Francisco

Fine Art Shippers is happy to announce that our next consolidated art shuttle San Francisco – Chicago will leave this week, on December 17. We can pick up art from any location in California, from Gualala to San Diego, and deliver the items to any city or town along the route to Chicago. From Chicago, the shuttle will head to New York City with stops in Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia. We can also deliver your art along the East Coast of the United States.

Art Shuttle San Francisco – Chicago – NYC

The cross-country art shuttle San Francisco – Chicago – NYC will start its journey in California. Our team can pick up art from any location in San Francisco, as well as from Sacramento, San Jose, Gualala, and other cities. We can also pick up art from the cities in Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego. The shuttle is scheduled to leave San Francisco on December 17, but the date is flexible, so be sure to contact our team in advance.

After leaving San Francisco, the shuttle will go directly to Chicago, Illinois, crossing Reno in Nevada, Salt Lake City in Utah, Omaha in Nebraska, and Des Moines in Iowa. We can also go to Denver, Colorado to pick up or deliver fine art if necessary.

On December 21, the art shuttle will leave Chicago and go to New York through Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia. Stops for art pick-up and delivery are possible in other cities along the route as well. After arriving in New York, we will make deliveries all over the Tri-State Area. We can also deliver the items to the cities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

If you are interested in shipping your art with our art shuttle San Francisco – Chicago – NYC, please do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers or request a free shipping quote online. We will provide you with a solution that suits your needs to the fullest!