Art Shuttle on the East Coast: Our Route and Cities Covered

Art Shuttle on the East Coast

Having your art property shipped across the USA is a task for professionals. It’s very risky to try to send delicate art objects via a regular shipping company since its staff may not be sufficiently qualified to handle fine art. A wise solution for domestic shipping is a consolidated shuttle service from specialized fine art moving companies, and the good news is that Fine Art Shippers has it. As an example, let’s take a look at the route of the consolidated art shuttle on the East Coast we have this December.

Which Cities Does Our Art Shuttle Visit?

As always, our art shuttle, which follows a route along the East Coast, started its trip in New York and then visited Washington, DC, to take additional art freight and deliver the NYC-Washington shipments. The next stop was one day later in North Carolina. The art shuttle visited Cary and Raleigh and then moved to Florida destinations. Now, we are in the Sunshine State, doing jobs in Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Lake Worth Beach, Wellington, and Port St. Lucies, among other cities. The final points of our East Coast trip in December will be Sarasota and St. Petersburg. Please note that some cities may be added or removed from the list, depending on the presence of shipments to and from these locations during a specific trip.

Who May Need an Art Shuttle on the East Coast?

You may have doubts about whether it is a good idea to choose our art shuttle on the East Coast. Our answer is that this service is universally suitable for all types of art owners, from individuals to artists to private collectors and dealers. Fine Art Shippers has been working with numerous auction houses, galleries, and private art owners for almost 30 years, which means that we treat any art freight, from a single small painting to a large collection of art objects, with utmost care and safety. In other words, you will benefit from our art shuttle service if you need a speedy, cost-effective transit solution for your artwork, without quality compromises.

Book Our Art Shuttle Today

Now that you know the route and schedule of our art trips, it’s time to contact our representatives and book a spot for your artwork to benefit from the ongoing or the next art shuttle on the East Coast. All our art shuttles are well-equipped and securely sealed to guarantee the safety of your art, and they are operated by licensed drivers and experienced art handlers. Thus, your fine art is always in the safe, caring hands of the Fine Art Shippers team.