Art Shuttle Miami – Houston – New York Will Leave on October 7

Art shuttle

Whether you are shipping only one painting or several pieces of high-value art, do not miss our next art shuttle going from Miami to Houston to New York on October 7! We can pick up art from anywhere in Florida and deliver anywhere on our way to Houston, including New Orleans in Louisiana. The shuttle will stay in Texas until October 9, picking up art pieces from all over the state, and then will head to New York. The deliveries are possible all along the route, including to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Now, let’s look at the main advantages of our art shuttle Miami – Houston – New York.

Art Shuttle Miami – Houston – New York

Our art shuttle Miami – Houston – New York is a very beneficial way of art transportation for several reasons. First of all, it is a consolidated service, meaning that your art will travel with many other pieces from different clients, and, as a result, you will pay less for shipping. It is actually one of the most affordable ways to ship fine art and antiques across the country safely.

Second, our art shuttle is operated by highly professional drivers and art handlers who have extensive experience in shipping fine art over long distances. You can be absolutely sure that your precious artworks are in safe hands and are treated with the care and attention they deserve. Besides, both the truck and all of the items inside are insured with special coverage for fine art.

Finally, art pick-ups and art deliveries are possible all along the route. In other words, our shuttle Miami – Houston – New York can make stops almost anywhere on its way from Florida to New York, and even more because we can deliver to any city and state in the US if necessary. To request a free shipping quote, please kindly fill in our online form or contact our managers in any other way convenient for you.