Art Shipping Company with Art Handling in Our DNA

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Need to transport your collection of paintings, sculptures, or any other art pieces? Consider hiring a professional art shipping company that can guarantee expert handling of even the most fragile and delicate artworks!

At Fine Art Shippers, we have been shipping fine art around the world for the last two decades, with many reputable galleries, museums, auction houses, and art collectors among our clients. All of them rely upon our expert team of fine art handlers to move their valuable possessions safely across the US and internationally. As a result, we have already shipped numerous paintings, sculptures, and other artworks estimated at millions of dollars. Moreover, headquartered in midtown New York, we offer comfortable, fast, and cost-effective artwork shipping solutions to buyers and sellers alike. You can always count on our team! After all, art handling is in our DNA!

Safe art handling

Whether it comes to an Old Master painting, your collection of vintage porcelains, or a large outdoor sculpture, never entrust its transportation to inexperienced shippers. Since art and antiques can be easily damaged in transit, you need only proven art movers with years of experience in art handling and moving valuable items. This is exactly what we can offer you at Fine Art Shippers!

In-house packing and crating

Many fine art shipping companies outsource such an important part of the art transportation process as packing and crating to third parties. At Fine Art Shippers, we do it in-house, with the help of professional carpenters working for us as crate makers. Moreover, our team uses only high-quality materials, no matter whether it comes to soft packing or hard shell crates, which allows us to offer premier art packing and crating services that ensure safe arrivals and deliveries of even the most delicate items.

Flexible shipping solutions

Every art shipment involves an array of considerations regarding means of transport, its destination, deadline, and other factors. Besides, since each artwork is unique and has its own shipping requirements, it is impossible to use the same method of transportation for all of them. For this reason, we apply an individual approach to every shipment and always offer optimal solutions to suit our clients’ needs and budget.

Pack, crate, and ship your valuable possessions with our art shipping company! We work with art handling in our DNA, which allows us to provide only the best moving services to all our clients!