Art Shippers from New York, and the Three Problems They Can Fix

Art Shippers from New York, and the Three Problems They Can Fix

From artwork getting lost in transit to pieces arriving completely damaged, accidents do happen when it comes to shipping art with regular postal services. The postal system is so overloaded with packages that it is simply not capable of providing you with the personalized experience your valuable art needs. Here is how professional fine art shippers from New York can solve three of the most common issues artists face when dealing with art transportation.

Art Shippers from New York, and the Three Problems They Can Fix

#1: “My artwork got lost in transit”

Artwork loss is one of the most common complaints filed by artists who use regular postal services to ship their pieces to clients. No one wants their valuable artwork to become part of the percentage of items that get sent to the wrong address or are stuck somewhere in customs and lost forever. With a professional fine art logistics company, there is simply no way for your valuables to get lost. Your artwork will be monitored throughout the entire transit and delivered straight to your door and right on time.

#2: “I can’t find packaging that fits my artwork”

Do not let standardized packaging dimensions get in the way of your artistic expression. If you have ever wondered how artists ship massive paintings or oddly shaped sculptural pieces, here is the answer: they work with specialized art logistics companies. Professional art handlers will make a custom-made crate that will perfectly fit your artwork’s measurements. They will also pack your artwork using only the highest-quality materials.

#3: “My artwork arrived damaged”

Even if you put a “fragile” label on your package, how can you be sure that your paintings or sculptures do not get mistreated? Some things are simply impossible to control when it comes to large-scale services. Luckily, fine art shipping companies have the resources and knowledge to treat all items with extreme care. Through the years, expert art handlers have developed an efficient system that allows them to deliver the most fragile objects across any distance in perfect condition.

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